Mono Mono

' Mono' comes with a library of around 4000 topics catering to K12 curriculum of Science and Mathematics across the globe.
Each topic comes with a set of multiple learning resources as one single package. These resources consist of 3D animated videos, 3D simulations, 3D interactive, quiz, images, text, web-links, glossary and key-terms etc. In addition, there is a series of lab experiments which can be performed in real time virtual labs. The 3D animated videos act as strong visualization tools for easy understanding of complex concepts. Likewise, the 3D simulations, 3D interactive, 3D virtual labs, set in a fun-filled gaming environment, give learners an infinite opportunity to actively interact with challenging concepts. This meaningful interaction leads to a comprehensive grip of the topic.

Learning Resources

  • Videos

  • Text

  • 2D Simulation

  • Quiz

  • 3D Interactive

  • 3D Simulation

  • Links

  • Images

  • Keyterms

  • Pre-requisite

  • Glossary
  • Stereo 3D (Stereo)

' 3D Stereo' comes with a library of 2000 topics wherein each topic is a combination of 3DS animated video, simulation and interactive. These high resolution stereoscopic animations create an immersive effect and keep students engaged and focused from the word go.
While playing simulations students explore complex structures in 3D which adds an element of excitement to learning. They can rotate the models 360 degree as well as zoom in and zoom out at will. Thus the learning is acquired through doing. In addition, we have a series of lab experiments which can be performed in the ambiance of a virtual lab.

Learning Resources

  • 3D Animated Video

  • 3D Simulation
  • Apps Apps

    ' apps' offer an exciting and engaging platform to students for understanding complex concepts of Science and Mathematics on their hand-held devices like smart phones and tablets. Apps are available on Appstore, GooglePlay and Windows store.

    Atherosclerosis (Heart - Disease)
    Atherosclerosis (Heart - Disease)
    Android appiOS appWindows app

    Electronic Configuration of an element
    Android appiOS appWindows app

    DC Motor
    Android appiOS appWindows app

    Anatomy and Function
    Android appiOS appWindows app LMS

    Learning Management System

    ' LMS' software is a unique learning tool that provides both students and teachers unlimited educational possibilities in an exciting learning environment. Our integrated learning platform offers a combination of usability and personalized learning experience anytime anywhere, which includes features like Dashboard, Analytics, Content list, Mind-map, Playlist and many more.
    With its user friendly interface students can switch from one module to another, shuffle between topics, set their own test papers, attempt and assess these, and compare the learning outcomes across weeks, months and terms, thus keeping a tab on their performance. The software’s singular emphasis is on expansive learning by incorporating features like consistent and proven evaluation methods, documentation of performance, learner centric programs and adaptive content besides a plethora of exciting activities.

    Featured Modules


    Reflects students' real time analytics and achievements to keep them constantly engaged and motivated. Keeps subject wise track of difficult units, chapters and topics to guide and help them achieve success.


    Powerful and easy-to-use tool that creates tests at will and generates instant results automatically with remedies and a follow-up study plan.

    Content List:

    Contains a list of Eureka topics along with various folders mapped according to the curriculum and/or standards.


    A unique feature that helps students to make the most of their time by managing their learning activities efficiently.


    A graphical overview of curriculum that reflects student's performance and achievements.              


    A tool that helps students to find their weak and strong points by analyzing and keeping a track on their qualitative and quantitative learning, learning path, understanding, behavior and punctuality. Based on the findings the software offers remedies to students which can as well be sent to parents via an email. CMS

    Classroom Management System CMS software offers a teacher multiple ways to bridge the gap between her computer screen and those of her students while integrating relevant technology into everyday instruction. It helps them grasp concepts more quickly and retain them better over time.
    The biggest challenge that teachers face today is to keep their students' attention focused and not let them divert from their task. It is here that CMS software comes in handy. This unique software allows you to do multitasking like viewing students’ computer screens from your own display, assisting them in using their computers effectively and interacting with them screen-to-screen as a group or one-on one. It not only enables you to keep the sources of distraction at bay but also supervise students’ activity in real time, providing individual help as and when required. Here is a whole range of options at your disposal. Turn the internet access on or off as the situation demands, choose specific websites to block or allow, select applications you want your class to work in, distribute files, collect assignments and launch websites for the whole class in a click.
    Taking control of the entire classroom was never so easy.

    Featured Modules

    Monitoring Mode:

    The Monitoring Mode displays a thumbnail image of students' screens on your computer, letting you monitor their activities in real time.

    File Sharing:

    The file sharing feature facilitates sharing of files between you and your students on respective PCs. These may include files like tests/assessment, assignments and other documents.

    Screen Sharing:

    The screen sharing feature enables students to view your full screen display on their PC, allowing you an opportunity to interact with them remotely.

    Launch Application:

    The Launch Application feature lets you open a file, application or web page remotely for the whole class at the same time making the work easy for both, you and your students.

    Lock Screen:

    The Lock Screen functionality gives you an option to suspend students’ activity as and when required in order to draw their attention.