What people are saying about Eureka.in
Since I started using Designmate’s 3D videos and simulations, my students have become more motivated, engaged, and they have increased their content understanding measured through their writing and creation of models. - Kristin Donley,
2012 Colorado Teacher of the Year

In North Carolina, student has to score a level 3 (mastery of concepts) of 4(Proficiency in concept) on a statewide testing exam. All classes taught by Jason chambers(Biology teacher) received 100% proficiency using Designmate’s 3D content.

- Dixon High School,
North Carolina

The Use of Designmate’s 3D content helped increase student engagement and led to better achievement in some cases - with the lowest - performing students seeing the greatest benefits.

- Boulder Valley School District,

We are satisfies with Designmate’s product which greatly facilitates teaching and learning.

- Dr. Mohammad Robin Edris (The General Manager),
National Charity Schools, Dubai

We are satisfied with Designmate’s product which greatly facilitates teaching and learning. Don’t hesitate to recommend this product to any other organizations or individuals in the education field.

- Dr. Abdullah Ismail (Sr. Executive Advisor),
Science Technology & Environment Programme

The quality of Designmate’s 3D product provided and performed services is very good & compliant to the requirements of the Ministry of Education in implementing ICT & making students enjoy & understand complex topics of K12 curriculum in HD 3D Stereoscopy.

- Maimoona Humeid Al Abri,
Director of Educational Technology Department

Our students are absolutely engaged in the lessons and fascinated by the information that makes learning so much easier for them.

- Haroce A. Hamun (Principal),
McNicol Middle Magnet School

I love your product. I am home schooling my daughter and I found that your material was able to explain things in a way that 2 dimensional pictures couldn't.

- Sheila R. Williamson

I have finally got all components of the 3D active. First off, your K-4 content is remarkable. I am utterly impressed by each topic I have been able to preview.

- Holli Hillman,
4th Grade CCCS

We have been very impressed with Designmate’s 3D content and have been showing it at events all over the country.

- Preston,
Promethean World

Designmate has evolved into a global pioneer developing 3D animated content for K-12 education.

- Autodesk

I always thank you to give the good opportunity which LGE can introduce Designmate’s brilliant content globally by LGE device and service.

- Jang Hoon – Manager,
LG Electronics, Inc

I am thankful to you. Your products are really best products that I have ever seen.

- Ayse,
Ministry of Education, Turkey

The feeling is amazing for the students to see things on the television whatever they are studying. The control on the class is there and even I have also learned something from it which I didn’t learned over these years.

- Science Teacher,
Vidhya Bharti School, India

The ‘Electricity and Magnetism’ lesson through Eureka, motivated us to participate in a project for Microsoft partner in learning competition.

- Teacher
Dahiet Al Rashed School, Jordan

Students were fascinated by Eureka and this was reflected on their achievement and understanding, therefore its strongly recommended to enroll Eureka in other schools if applicable.

- Jordan Education Initiative

Usage of the animations turns the student more motivated and engaged in the Education. Many animations shows phenomena of technical chemistry which we hardly could have worked with without.

- PhD Mogens Falsig,
Department of Chemistry and Physics, Denmark