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The teacher in the classroom uses Eureka.in as a visual supplement to her other teaching material to explain a particular topic or concept. Eureka.in learning resources, especially the animated films and simulations act as strong visual and interactive tools to bridge the gap in a teacher’s lesson plan where she faces a challenge to make students visualize a particular concept or give them a chance to interact with it.


About Us ...

Science and Mathematics being full of abstract and complex concepts require strong visualization and exploratory tools to understand them. Right from chemical bonds, physical forces, biological processes to abstract complex theorems in mathematics, everything is either imperceptible or abstract.  Eureka.in is developed to provide such learning resources which make abstract concepts clear and give students a chance to interact with these concepts to explore and actively discover unique solutions.

25 Years

Preparing students for a digital world.

Designmate (I) Pvt. Ltd. is an innovative e-learning firm based out of India creating 3D animated content catering to K12 Science and Mathematics curriculum. Designmate has a great experience of 25 years in the world of animation and graphics, and now since more than a decade we have been using our animation skills to develop 3D animated education product known as “Eureka.in”. We have converted the concepts of Science and Mathematics to 3D animated videos & other interesting learning resources. Having a library of over 2500 topics in Science and Mathematics which sums upto more than 300 hours of 3D animated video content alone and many other learning resources for each topic, we hold the largest 3D K12 school curriculum library. With more than 400 employees, we are also one of the world’s biggest and oldest organizations developing 3D educational content.