USB Product


Q. I Have received the USB. How do I activate the product in my PC?
A. Plug in the USB and initiate the installation process by following the instructions. Make sure your internet connection is working properly. Your product will be activated at the time of installation through internet.
Q. How much time does it take for my product to be activated?
A. Generally, it takes 5 minutes or more depending on your internet speed.
Q. Can I activate the product offline?
A. No. For product activation, proper internet connection is must.
Q. I formatted my computer or my product got deleted. How to restore it back?
A. Install the software again from USB following the instruction shown during the installation process. Your product will be again activated automatically depending upon the validity of the license of your product.
Q. Can I install the product in other computer using same USB?
A. Once the product is activated on your PC, you can’t install product from the same USB on other PC.


Q. What are the modes of payment supported to buy USB Product?
A. 1) COD (Cash on Delivery)
     2) Pay online by Credit Card/Debit Card/Net banking
Q. If I purchase a product, how long will it be valid?
A. Your paid subscription for product is generally valid for 1 year.
Q. How secure is the payment that I make through your website?
A. We are using payment gateway of CCAvenue, which is secure gateway as accredited by Verisign, agency providing SSL certificates to websites and payment gateways.
Q. Can I cancel my Subscription?
A. No. Once a product has been purchased by you, Designmate will not be able to provide any refund, either in full or in part. We suggest you to go through the demos available on the website prior to making a purchase.
Q. Will I have to pay additional charges over the price quoted for any product?
A. Yes. You will have to pay additional shipping charges, if any.
Q. I am having payment problems. What do I do?
A. The payment gateway is provided by; an independent website. You may consider checking with them. If still unresolved, feel free to contact us at:


Q. What is the Minimum System Requirement for running software?
A. You can check whether your PC meets the minimum system requirements by clicking System Requirements.
Q. Are there any pre-requisites required before installing the product?
A. You should ensure that antivirus and firewall have been disabled and proper internet connection is available.
Q. Can I copy the data manually into the system and then install?
A. Yes. You can copy the data manually and continue with the installation process.
Q. Do I need internet connection after installing the product?
A. No. Internet connection is not required to access Eureka Content.
Q. If power goes off during License activation process; do I need to start the process again?
A. Yes, you have to start the procedure all over again.
Q. How will I know the product is installed?
A. Once the product is installed, the system automatically will prompt a confirmation message as “License activation successful” and ask you to click on ‘Finish’ to complete the process.
Q. Once the product is installed, can I remove the pen drive?
A. Yes, once the installation is completed successfully; you can remove the pen drive.

Website Features

Q. What all does offer?
A. Designmate offers premium quality 3d animated K12 content aligned for all major curriculums across the globe and also customised curriculums on demand.
Q. I cannot find my curriculum on your website. What do I do?
A. If your curriculum is not enlisted on our website, you can contact us at: for on-demand curriculum or product.